"Starting my own little telemarketing company at ATTARI has changed my life.  My addiction to meth destroyed me and sent me to jail. When I got out, I got referred to ATTARI. Now it’s three years later, I’m still here making money every week, paying my bills, and have moved out of a hotel and into a shared house where I pay rent every month.  The people at ATTARI and the Bible studies I attended helped me curb my addiction problem and keep it in check. My experience at ATTARI has helped me a lot to get through this process.” G.P.

"I've never had a store make such a big deal -- in a good way! -- about my birthday!" P.H.

“Life changing. That’s how I describe my experience at ATTARI. An optional, no obligation Bible study every morning before work… what company does that?! Our Bible study has made me grow on so many levels and helped me beat alcohol and bad relationships.  The job itself?  With ATTARI’s help, I set sales appointments for Allstate insurance agents all across the country and sell them to a local company that buys them from me for cash at the end of each day. There’s always encouragement and free training if I need it.  I work for myself, set my own hours and work at my own pace – not many companies out there offer that.  I found that applying myself and working full time at setting appointments turned this into a real career for me. I make money every week and pay all my own bills.  Allstate says, “You’re in good hands with Allstate.” I say, “You’re in good hands with ATTARI.” 

"For 7 years on and off I have used ATTARI to set and sell appointments to Admark.  Due to my fast and crazy and police-filled lifestyle, I have been here this time for over a year solid. It’s a stress-free, no-pressure environment. I love coming to work here. Everyone is extremely helpful, encouraging and understanding. Since you work for yourself, you have no scheduled work hours so you can come and go as needed for meetings with doctors, probation/parole, sickness… it’s all okay at ATTARI.  You’ll never be fired for missing work, but the more you work, the more money you make, so it’s all up to you.  And it’s not really work… you sit inside in a chair all day and talk on the phone. And the best part: smoke breaks whenever you want!! You can’t beat it. I’ve been making over $500 a week every week for the past year. The management team at ATTARI is the best.  The ATTARI people are really the only friends I have and they are true friends who will help you through the hard times you’re having with your life.” 


Real testimonials from real customers at ATTARI.